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Suzhou Smet Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional company that integrates research, development, production and sales of various hydraulic lifting machinery.

The main products of the hydraulic lifting platform produced by the company are: electric lift, scissor lift, mobile lift, fixed boarding bridge; detachable mobile boarding bridge, car lift tailgate, unloading flat plate, aluminum alloy lift The mast-type lifting platform is widely used in indoor operations of various industrial enterprises (including special industries such as electronics, medicine, food and chemical industry); field operations in construction, power, telecommunications, petroleum, chemical and other industries.

Our products are manufactured according to "People's Republic of China Machinery Industry Standard JB/T 9229.1 (2/3)-1999)". High-quality products are the foundation of enterprise development. While strictly controlling quality, each component of the product is selected from domestic excellent enterprises, and can also adopt specified brand components according to customer requirements. Only by continuously improving the quality of products can we meet the requirements of our customers and the company can develop.

"Reputation" as the entry permit for Chinese enterprises to go to the world is the blood vessel and lifeline of the market economy. All along, "reputation" represents the market reputation of our company and has been recognized by our customers.

The company is located in the hinterland of Jiangnan Water Town, which is known as the "paradise on earth". It is located beside the National Highway of 32, with Suzhou in the south, Wuxi in the north and Taihu in the west. The Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal are all within easy reach. A well-developed transportation network is a solid foundation for the company's development.

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Suzhou Simeite Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged ingalaxy银河:Mobile aerial work platformgalaxy银河:Hydraulic lifting platformgalaxy银河:Platform truck,Welcome to consult!




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