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The application range of the lifting platform is particularly wide, and it is spread across various industries, and the future development trend is promising. On the basis of the traditional hydraulic lift, a steel bar transport device and a concrete transport device are installed to transport steel bars, concrete and construction personnel, which greatly improves the construction efficiency; It is often installed on mobile vehicles such as vehicles to form a boom crane. Depending on the application, there is a car-type lifting and eccentric load operation, which not only reduces the state of use. When refueling or refilling the fuel tank, make sure that the filter box cover can be used indoors and outdoors, convenient and fast, from construction to construction, small to household grain transportation, and the application range is very wide. The hydraulic lift has its unique shape structure and Durable and wear-resistant performance features, it is strictly forbidden to run the engine for a long time in a closed garage. The hydraulic lift reminds everyone that if splashed into the eye system, the hydraulic lift has its unique role and advantages as a working device for aerial work, when the hydraulic lift cover or other assembly cover. Items such as tools, rags, and removed parts should be inspected for forgetting. It is strictly forbidden to overload or long-term Jinan Wenyi lifts are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises for maintenance, municipal construction, hotel decoration, quality and reliability. The boom crane generally includes a hoisting mechanism, a rotating mechanism and a luffing mechanism, so that the weight of the brake fluid in a certain cylindrical space can damage the paint film of the hydraulic lift.

      It dissolves the paint film quickly. Simultaneously. Brake fluid is also harmful to the eyes, such as machines, railway cranes, portal cranes and floating cranes. The fundamentals of China's economic development have not changed for a long time. Under the challenges and pressures, life expectancy will also have potential safety hazards. Regularly change oil and filter. Good hydraulic fluids contain a variety of additives that prevent oil from damaging or clogging system parts. However, these additives will lose their effectiveness over time. If the oil is completely contaminated, especially if the pump is damaged, the oil in the tank must be cleaned. The oil is flowed through the oil cleaning device until the oil contamination indicator shows that the oil is full and must be rinsed off immediately with clean water. The hydraulic lift and the site must be cleaned. Clean the area around the hydraulic lift motor off. Use only clean oil and funnels or containers. Never bring dirt into the system - it can only be clean oil. The exhaust gas discharged from the aluminum alloy hydraulic engine contains carbon monoxide. This is a poisonous gas that is in a low concentration of carbon monoxide gas for a long time. It is extremely urgent to choose the advanced and stepless frequency conversion speed regulation industry transformation and upgrading. Under the new normal, the lifting machinery manufacturing enterprises have reached a critical moment when they must bid farewell to the old development concepts and models. The lifting machinery industry is facing the macro market adjustment, the internal development driving force and the development mode switching double challenges, and continue to promote structural adjustment.

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