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    Scissor aerial work platform





    The utility model is mainly used for maintenance, maintenance, replacement of articles, maintenance, cleaning, scenery, etc. of manned aerial work. Applicable places factories, mines, municipal management, tree maintenance, electrical lines, railways, highways, airports, post and telecommunications, oil, electricity, halls, hotels, hall decoration, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, military, nuclear power, photography, fire, stadium , residential property, building layout, supporting cleaning company.

    Product advantages 1, 3-18 meters height, custom production, wide range, use more

    2, power configuration: direct AC dual-use, DC, manual power, 380V, 220V

    3. The scissor is a high-strength manganese steel rectangular tube with high strength and permanent deformation.

    4, non-slip tread plate, large work platform, suitable for multi-person work

    5, with emergency down device when power failure

    6, special cast steel hinge ear, good wear resistance, long service life

    7, configuration toolbox: can be put random tools to meet the quick repair

    8, telescopic adjustment support legs to ensure a stable and reliable use process

    9. The pin shaft is made of 45# carbon round steel, which has high strength and good wear resistance.

    10, with 400-8,500-8,600-9 wear-resistant tires, long service life

    11, one meter high four-sided guardrail to ensure safe operation

    12, the travel switch, the intermediate relay using Schneider France

    13, high quality seals: Japan - NOK

    14. The product is underwritten by Ping An Insurance Company of China.

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