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    Fixed lifting platform








    Lifting goods on different floors of buildings, fast up and down, large objects are transported to various floors

    Applicable place

    Warehouses, factories, cubicles, garages, mines, terminals, airports, warehouses, supermarkets, etc.

    Product advantages

    Platform protection: barrier type, protective net type

    Platform door: hanging chain, split type

    Platform countertop: non-slip tread plate, steel plate

    Guide wheel and guide rail for making the elevator run more stable

    Four high-strength steel fixed derricks ensure operation: stronger and safer

    The shear arm is made of high-strength manganese steel: high strength and no deformation, ensuring long-term safety.

    Derrick door: opening and closing, folding, push-pull, etc. (optional)

    Finishing pin is 45# carbon round steel with high strength and good wear resistance

    Stroke switch, intermediate relay with Schneider

    10, external power supply for easy maintenance

    11. Multi-point control at all working levels for easy operation

    12, electric power or target operation button

    13. Lifting platform operation warning light or warning bell (optional)

    14. Safety switch that closes the lifting platform circuit when the door is opened

    15. Equipped with emergency descent device when power is off

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