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    Double mast aerial work platform



    Standard configuration:

    Applicable: 1-2 people climbed up

    Platform maximum height specification: optional 6m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m

    Power supply: default: single-phase AC mains (AC220V)

    Move mode: default: manual push

    Optional equipment:

    1, battery DC direct supply (single DC)

    2, battery DC inverter (AC and DC)

    3. Electric auxiliary walking device

    4. It can be installed in car compartments such as pickup trucks and light trucks (vehicle type) as needed. This requires a customer-supplied vehicle and provides cabin data.

    5, can provide trailer-type chassis as needed, suitable for field operations or large distance dragging occasions.

    Other forms:

    Optional: 1. Remove the table (the table can be horizontally removed 50 cm from one end)

    2, insulated countertops (applicable to power distribution rooms and other places with insulation requirements for climbing operations)

    3, electrical explosion-proof (applicable to oil, natural gas and other places with explosion-proof requirements for climbing operations)

    Features of the double mast lift:

    1. The main lifting mast adopts high-strength extruded profiles, which has high safety and light weight;

    2. The self-developed integral built-in slider between each mast makes the dynamic gap between the masts minimize, and the running is more stable when lifting.

    Reliable, far superior to the ordinary independent guide wheel support structure;

    3. The lifting drive chain is double-stranded structure, adopting industrial plate chain, with high bearing capacity and safety factor;

    4. The structure of the guardrail is generally collectible, the operation is extremely simple and convenient, and the guide rail mechanism is arranged between the working platform and the working platform.

    The operation is stable and reliable, and there is no stuck phenomenon;

    5. The hydraulic power unit adopts integral pumping station, which has compact structure and reliable performance. The hydraulic system is equipped with emergency descending function to prevent power outages and accidents.

    Situation and emergency operation is extremely simple;

    6, the equipment control voltage is DC 24V, effectively guarantee personal safety;

    7, the equipment is equipped with leakage protection switch, emergency stop switch, limit electric limit switch, etc., the button box is waterproof design

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