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    Telescopic hydraulic boarding bridge



    The electric telescopic unloading platform is the latest unloading platform. The large platform is lifted by the main cylinder, the auxiliary cylinder pushes the telescopic tongue plate, and the self-weight is lowered by the unloading platform, and the tongue plate is placed at the tail of the carriage.

         The complete telescopic unloading platform includes an integrated hydraulic system, integral countertop structure, telescopic tongue structure, open base, safety foot guard, and two standard anti-collision adhesives, all produced in accordance with EN1398. The telescopic unloading platform is the most commonly used and the most widely used unloading platform. Its performance is stable, the operation is simple, the operation is stable, the maintenance rate is low, and the repair is simple. It is especially suitable for the loading and unloading of double containers, ensuring the real obstacles of loading and unloading, and achieving the highest loading and unloading efficiency.


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