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    Mobile hydraulic boarding bridge









    The mobile boarding bridge is used for non-loading stations or where the loading and unloading position is not fixed and the loading and unloading site is narrow, so that the cargo can be quickly loaded and unloaded. Through it, the handling vehicles such as forklifts can directly enter the trucks, containers, and train cars to load and unload goods, which greatly improves the work efficiency. The loading bridge adopts manual hydraulic control, which can be applied to various loading and unloading occasions without additional power. The boarding bridge adopts leg support and grid-like steel plate structure, which has more reliable safety performance. The boarding bridge is available in one piece, split type and left and right flaps.

    Rugged moving wheel

    The moving wheel is made of solid tires. It is not required to be inflated, and it is durable and fits with the brake pads to ensure safe operation.

    Hinge transition

    The adjustable length of the chain is used to hook the vehicle so that the boarding bridge and the vehicle are always in close contact even when they are displaced.

    High-strength tooth-shaped anti-slip grid

    A layer of toothed non-slip mesh steel plate is laid on the bridge body. The mesh is twisted and hollowed out, which not only improves the reliability of the work, but also prevents the accumulation of grease, dirt, rain and snow.


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