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    Fixed hydraulic boarding bridge




    The hydraulic boarding bridge is a special auxiliary equipment for fast loading and unloading of goods. It is installed on the building and overlaps with the truck compartment to adjust the height difference between the ground and the car.

    The reversible lap joint at the front of the boarding bridge always clings to the car when loading and unloading cargo. The angle adjustment function of the boarding bridge enables a bridge between the truck and the building floor.

    Various trucks can pass through the boarding bridge and transport goods between the building floor and the car. Moreover, the cargo can be quickly loaded and unloaded with only one operator's work.

    It enables companies to reduce the amount of labor, improve work efficiency, and obtain greater economic benefits. It is the first choice for the safe and civilized production of modern enterprises and the improvement of material throughput.


    1Electric control hydraulic drive, easy to operate, safe and reliable operation.

    2 The lap joint and the platform are connected by a long shaft, which has high strength and good reliability.

    3 Imported seals are used to ensure good sealing of the hydraulic system.

    4 Imported hydraulic pump valve, stable operation and long service life.

    The 5 countertops are made of high-quality non-slip plates and have good anti-slip performance.

    6 Safety skirts are provided on both sides of the platform to prevent the toes from reaching the platform and causing accidents.

    7 Set the safety support bar to ensure the safety of personnel entering the internal maintenance.

    8. Single button control, easy to operate and convenient.

    9 platform lap panels are always close to the car, so that the truck travels like a flat.

    10 optional wheel stop block to prevent the vehicle from leaving the platform too early.

    11 optional paint color (standard color is G51001-94 brilliant green) to meet individual requirements.

    12 In order to meet specific buildings, special specifications can be provided for the axle products.


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