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With the gradual stagnation of the lifting platform business, the perfect task of mastering the high-tech of the balcony is also progressing, and the elevator industry will gradually become more and more popular.

The hydraulic mastering system is to add a spare hand pump to the base of the I type in case of no power supply. When using the manual pump, firstly tighten the oil return valve button counterclockwise to pull the crank to the "neutral" position, and press the handle elevator to lift. When landing, grab the return valve and push the elevator down by its own weight. Later, the operation method of the generator or the Diesel earphone was the same as that of the first stage.

The mastery of the lifting platform is like the midbrain of the person, and the task of the entire lifting platform is stopped relative to the mastery. The mastery of the lifting platform is roughly divided into two stages. The hydraulic mastering of the first stage is a hydraulic manifold without a hand pump. When using the valve, the button of the oil return valve must be tightened counterclockwise. Pull the valve crank to the "neutral" position, start the generator to make the task, and then pull the reversing crank to the "lifting" position, lift the elevator, and when the required height is reached, push the reversing crank to " Neutral status, the elevator stops and the same as the sound to open the generator, you can work. When landing, grab the return valve and the elevator can land on its own weight.

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