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Process to prevent damage to the lifting platform

When you are using the lifting platform, you must pay attention to its smooth force and maintain balance; during the take-off and landing of the electric lifting platform, the lifting platform must not be moved to stop the shaking on the lifting platform. Also, if you hear the electric lifting platform announce abnormal movement during the operation, you should immediately stop the inspection to eliminate the malfunction and prevent the damage of the lifting platform. Therefore, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. Check whether there is water in the foundation part, whether there is any sinking mark. During the inspection process, there is a lifting platform installed on a floor slab. It is necessary to check the pedestal system and accounting plan of the basement; check whether the grounding system can Suitable for the fit; the buffer (spring) should be completely useful; the bottom cage is tightly sealed without damage; the bottom of the elevator should have a protective shed.

2. The specification of the wire rope shall be equipped according to the requirements of the imitation order. There shall be no broken strands or reduced diameters, and the number of broken wires shall not exceed the scrapping specifications.

3, the pulley work is active, the transport is excellent, and the support is peaceful. The wire rope is fixed and there should be no less than four rope clamps at each end.

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