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Lifts may encounter many safety hazards during use and maintenance. How to eliminate these hidden dangers to ensure normal work, less casualties and property losses?

In fact, when the construction competent department performs its duties of safety supervision and inspection, it should promptly eliminate the hidden dangers of construction elevator production safety accidents found during the inspection, and immediately eliminate the hidden dangers of major production safety accidents before or during the elimination process, and order to withdraw from the dangerous areas. If the operator is out of work or temporarily stops the construction, in the investigation and management of hidden dangers, the investigation should be serious, the rectification should be determined, and the results should be consolidated.

When the construction unit is responsible for the investigation of hidden dangers of elevators, daily inspections and regular maintenance should be strengthened, and the steel structure, safety protection devices, electrical installations and transmissions of the construction elevators should be carefully checked.

The supervision unit shall earnestly perform the duties of safety inspection and timely discover that there are hidden dangers of production safety accidents, and immediately require the installation unit and the use unit to rectify within a time limit.

Only the timely elimination of hidden dangers can ensure the normal operation of the lift, early detection of hidden dangers as soon as possible to solve the problem, to minimize the safety problems caused by hidden dangers of the lift.

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