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As more and more machines are used, safety is becoming more and more important. The lifting platform is also called a external construction elevator or simply a lift. It is an important equipment in the construction of high-rise buildings. Lifting freight elevators are also a dangerous source of simple incidents on the construction site. Moreover, because it can cause serious incidents of multi-person damage, it should be listed as a key inspection in safety inspection operations.

When we use this kind of machine, the first is to check the frame plan, the base and the specification section should be inspected for fastening bolts. The bolts are set to double nut or spring pad; the welds of each part are free of cracks; The parts should be set according to the materials and specifications required by the imitation, and should not be changed. The spacing of the attachment rods should be attached to the imitation order, generally 6m; the connection method and fastening method of the attachment rods should be carried out according to the imitation order, and should not be arbitrarily changed. During the safety inspection process, it was found that the steel bar was used instead of the bolt, and the steel bar was welded to the two ends to replace the appearance of the nut. This practice is very dangerous.

The mechanical transmission system of the lifting platform can be divided into two types: closed type and open type. Some of its shifting and centrifugal brakes of the cone drum speed limiter are somewhat closed. Some others are open. It is not easy to check off. The scene can only see if the gearbox can leak oil. The detection date indicated on the nameplate of the cone drum speed limiter can be exceeded. The detection period is generally two years. The cone drum speed limiter must pass the test. The nationally designated safety monitoring is monitored and sealed on a regular basis, and the application unit is not allowed to adjust at will. Some of the inspections and inspections of the electric lifting platform are different. Because of the wide range of points touched by the safety inspection, the time is limited, and the safety inspection of the elevator is rougher.

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