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Forklift rental industry

As a forklift industry, its rental manufacturer is a comprehensive service enterprise specializing in forklift sales, electric forklift rental, second-hand forklift sales, spare parts supply and maintenance. The following describes the safety requirements of the forklift working device.

1. When there is no deformation of the door frame and the weld seam is de-welding, the gap between the inner and outer doors should be adjusted properly.

2. The shelves of used forklifts shall not be severely deformed and the weld seams shall be de-welded. There must be no cracks or welds on the cross surface.

3, when you use the fork, you must pay attention to its connection, if the connection is not good will affect your work, as long as the connection is better to develop, in order to better drive others to use this tool.

If you need to rent an electric forklift or a second-hand forklift, you can choose a forklift rental manufacturer. The company has professionally trained and experienced engineering maintenance personnel, and has established a complete user system with a rapid response management system.

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