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11 teach you to maintain the hydraulic lift

When using hydraulic lifts, it is necessary to check, protect and protect them frequently. This not only extends the service life of hydraulic lifts, but also makes them more powerful when operating! Of course, hydraulic lifts also have regular repair time and protection. Method:

1. Normal protection (per shift).

       2. After 1500 hours of elevator operation, minor repairs were made to the mechanical and electrical systems.

       3. After 5,000 hours of elevator operation, repair the mechanical and electrical systems.

       4. After 10,000 hours of hydraulic lift operation, the mechanical and electrical systems were overhauled.

Next, let's talk about the protection and protection of the lift machinery:

1. The brakes of each organization should always check and adjust the gap between the brake shoe and the brake wheel, and the pipe is sensitive and reliable. On the conflict surface, there should be no dirt, and it is necessary to wash off the dirt with gasoline or thinner.

2. Some smooth and hydraulic oils such as gearboxes, gearboxes, and external gears are all in accordance with the requirements in the smooth watch.

3. Pay attention to check whether the wire ropes of each part have the appearance of broken wire and loose strands. If it is beyond the relevant rules, it is necessary to replace it immediately. The protection and protection of steel wire ropes shall be strictly in accordance with the rules of GB5144-85.

4. The hydraulic lifting platform often checks the connection status of each part, and if it is loose, it should be tightened. The body connection bolts should be checked for tightness when the elevator body is under pressure (the rotating arm can be used to form the pressure condition), and all the connecting shafts need to have a split pin and need to be opened.

5. Always check whether the work of each organization is normal, whether there is noise, if it is found to be faulty, it is necessary to remove it in time.

6. When equipment, disassembly and adjustment of the reversed structure, it is necessary to pay attention to the center line of the reversed tissue reducer of the tube and the center line of the gear. The meshing surface is not less than 70%, and the meshing gap should be suitable.

7. Always check all wires and cables for damage. It is necessary to dress and replace in time with some damage.

8. In case of overheating of the motor, it is necessary to park in time, and then continue to operate after removing the fault. The motor bearing is smooth and outstanding.

9. For some brushes, keep the touch surface clean and adjust the brush pressure so that the touch area is not less than 50%.

10. Each control box, distribution box, etc. are often kept clean, and dust on electrical equipment is cleaned in time.

11. The contact opening and closing of the travel switch of each safety device must be secure, and the contact arc should be polished in time.

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