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Worries of small and medium lift companies

In 2011, the lifting platform clearly proposed to encourage the group development of the lifting platform enterprises, form a large-scale enterprise as the leading industrial system and industrial cluster supporting the small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as innovation around the scientific research mechanism, support the technological progress of key enterprises, and drive the development of the entire industry, and It is proposed that by 2015, five large-scale enterprise groups with annual sales revenue of more than 15 billion yuan and strong international competitiveness will be formed.

At present, the development of the domestic lifting platform manufacturing industry is not balanced. Small and medium-sized enterprises in the domestic lifting platform industry still occupy a considerable proportion, and to a large extent, they are still “little homes”. There are a large number of production companies in the lifting platform, and the market is relatively scattered. Most of the enterprises have less market share and brand influence. Under the trend of upgrading the product technology of the lift platform and the product structure of the lift platform tends to be large-scale and environmentally friendly, a small number of small lift manufacturers have gradually developed towards the specialization direction, and quite a few face the elimination or integration. The challenge.

In the future, with the continuous improvement of the technical content of China's lifting platform, the trend of large-scale lifting, energy saving and environmental protection development is becoming more and more clear, and the requirements for the technical and financial strength of the lifting platform manufacturing enterprises are gradually improved. Expansion, small-scale elevator manufacturers with small scale and backward technology are facing the danger of being phased out. In addition, with the increase in the number of lifts, the country will gradually increase the threshold for enterprises to enter the lift platform to purchase subsidies, which will help to further increase the market concentration of the lift platform. It can be seen that the development prospects of China's large-scale lifting platform manufacturing enterprises are good, the market share will continue to expand, and the concentration of the lifting platform industry will gradually increase.

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